熟語消し- 四字熟語の漢字ブロック消し無料単語パズルゲーム 2.302 APK (Mod) for android – Download android app

– 2.601 APK Mod for android Download android app

熟語消し- 四字熟語の漢字ブロック消し無料単語パズルゲーム APK – for android

Name 熟語消し- 四字熟語の漢字ブロック消し無料単語パズルゲーム
Size 83MB
Category Word
Game ID com.kerun.idiomblock.ja
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熟語消し- 四字熟語の漢字ブロック消し無料単語パズルゲーム APP screenshots and apk mod features:

熟語消し- 四字熟語の漢字ブロック消し無料単語パズルゲーム 2.601 screenshots 1

熟語消し- 四字熟語の漢字ブロック消し無料単語パズルゲーム APP Description: あなたの語彙力はどうですか?どのぐらいの四字熟語をターゲットとして暗記できますか?四字熟語勉強の漢字アプリが好きなら、今すぐこの人気無料ゲームをダウンロードして、熟語を勉強しながら、スラスラと熟語消し感を体験しましょう!



How is your vocabulary? How many four-character idioms can you target and memorize? If you like Yojijukugo Kanji app, download this popular free game now and experience the idiom erasing feeling while studying idioms!
Do you not handwrite too much in your daily life and work? Can’t you write the kanji you want to write? All right! This funny Yojijukugo game will fill your wants. From Kanji Kentei 5th grade to Kanji Kentei 1st grade, there are thousands of four-character idiom stages. Do you know many kanji that you see for the first time? It’s okay, you can study how to read idioms, their meanings, and their sources with idiom explanations in the idiom study game. Let’s improve your vocabulary and Kanji Kentei with a time-killing game! Absolute brain training and stress relief game!

Game features:
-Beautiful screen style: Innovative colors and beautiful cherry blossom petal backgrounds give players a refreshing experience.
-Easy operation: Just slide with your fingers. If you connect a kanji block to a four-character compound word, that kanji block disappears. An interesting idiom game that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages with simple rules.
-Play anytime, anywhere: You don’t need an internet connection, you can experience it even when you are offline. A free puzzle that doesn’t affect you whether you take the subway or the elevator.
-Free game that balances toys: A game to study how to read, mean, and source idioms with commentary on idioms. Study four-character idioms in the process of erasing idioms and memorize many idioms. Improve your intelligence with word games! A good word game for dementia prevention with a vocabulary and kanji test!
-Large number of stages: An interesting character game that you will never get tired of, and the difficulty level will gradually increase while you clear it. The operation is easy to understand, but clearing is not that easy! Feel the charm of Yojijukugo in a fun game.

how to play:
How to play the game:
-Enter the game, observe the kanji on the board, and slide the kanji that can be connected to the idiom in order. If you complete an accurate four-character idiom, the idiom will have a square at the top of the screen.
-There are four ways to slide the kanji block: left to right, right to left, top to bottom, and bottom to top. When connecting specified idioms, the kanji block disappears. At the same time, the upper block falls to the lower side.
-If you don’t know the idiom, you can buy the item with coins and clear it. There is also an idiom commentary button on the end page. You can tap to enter the idiom commentary page and study how to read idioms, their meanings, and their sources.

Free word puzzles that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Improve your vocabulary and train your brain with the Kanji Kentei test! Let’s kill time and play a four-character idiom game together! Download an interesting idiom game!


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Technical file information

  • Package name:
  • Version:
    2.601 (1804805638)
  • File size:
    108 MB
  • Updated:
  • Minimum Android version:
    Android 4.4+
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